Technical Visit

Technical Visit Tour Course[October 14(sat), 2023]

 Departure from the Jeju Boo-Young Hotel &Resort (09:00) → JEJU AEROSPACE MUSEUM → ARTE MUSEUM JEJU→ Lunch → YEOMIJI BOTANIC GARDEN→ JUSANGJEOLLI CLIFF → Sanbang Mountain – Cruise Ship → Arrival at the Jeju Boo-Young Hotel & Resort(18:00)



The Jeju Aerospace Museum (or JAM) is an advanced aerospace museum that integrates education and entertainment around the theme of aerospace and the science and technology that are the foundations of this emerging industry. A diverse selection of planes that bear traces of the world’s aviation history and Republic of Korea Air Force are on display, many hanging from the ceiling of this gigantic building.



Arte Museum is Jeju’s newest (and largest) immersive media art destination. The building, which used to be a factory that manufactured speakers, was remodeled to create a media art world using the latest technology. The 4,600m2 structure houses 10 colorful digitally projected light and sound exhibitions, including a 10-meter-high projection wall. The exhibitions have the following themes: waterfalls, gardens, flowers, waves, the beach, the moon, the jungle, a wormhole, a night safari, stars and magnificent animated European art and Jeju images, all set to a variety of musical genres. This engaging, immersive exhibition is fun for the whole family!



Located within Jungmun Resort, Yeomiji Botanical Garden is one of the best botanical gardens in Asia with a unique southern atmosphere. The indoor garden contains approximately 2,000 rare tropical and subtropical plants throughout the Flower Garden, Water Lily Garden, Jungle Garden, Subtropical Fruits Garden, Cactus and Succulent Garden, and Observation Platform. The outdoor garden offers Jeju Native Garden, as well as Korean, Japanese, Italian and French folk gardens. The tour train accommodating 60 persons travels between Indoor and Outdoor Garden. Jungmun Tourist Complex and Cheonjeyeon Falls. A clear view of Hallasan Mountain, and the nearby coast and Marado Island can all be observed from the 38 meter high observation platform.



Jusangjeolli are stone pillars piled up along the coast and is a designated cultural monument of Jeju Island. Jusangjeolli Cliff was formed when the lava from Hallasan Mountain erupted into the sea of Jungmun. They are rock pillars shaped like cubes or hexagons of various sizes and almost seem as if stone masons had carved them out. The administration of the district named them ‘Jisatgae Rocks’ from their old name ‘Jisatgae’. The 20m cliff makes it a popular spot for high tide and sea angling. The waves of the high tide crashing into the side of the cliff provide a breathtaking view of the ocean surrounding the pillars.


  • Sanbang Mountain Cruise Ship

Enjoy the beautiful scenic views of Jeju Island from the ocean! Sanbangsan Mountain Cruise ship sails around off coast of Sanbangsan Mountain to help tourists enjoy 4 distinct and beautiful seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, of Jeju. Views from off the coast are another beautiful layer of Jeju Island. Enjoy Sanbangsan Mountain Cruise Ship for unforgettable memory ~

The Sanbangsan Mountain cruise ship was selected as a partner of the World Geological Park after being evaluated as having the best conditions to promote the geological value and beautiful scenery of Jeju as seen from the sea. Our one-hour cruise includes the Sanbangsan Mountain, certified as a UNESCO World Geological Park, the coast of Dragon Head, and 10 routes of the ‘Swiss-Ole Friendship Route’ which was named by the Swiss Tourism Agency and Jeju Ole Inc., and tourists can enjoy pristine and mystic folding screen like views from the ocean.